Mayor's Office

Stancil Handley was originally sworn in as Mayor of Columbiana on November 5, 2012.  He is currently serving his second term as Mayor, having been re-elected on November 7, 2016.  Mayor Handley served from 2008-2012 on the City Council representing Ward 2.  Dr. Stancil Handley is an optometrist with a practice in Columbiana.  

The Mayor serves a four year term, is a voting member and presiding officer of the City Council, and is the chief executive officer of the City. 

As a local business owner, Mayor Handley is sensitive to the needs of businesses in the city and seeks to improve the operations of the city offering a more welcoming, business-friendly environment and is focused on promoting business success in the city.  He is actively involving local businesses in city decisions affecting their business operation. To contact Mayor Handley directly, e-mail him at